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(TS) TEMPO SETTERS is the title given to a series of videos made to preserve AGEHR and
handbell history in the U.S.  These videos feature interviews and narratives of past presidents,
Honorary Life members, and others who have had an impact on handbells.

"*" indicates peson is deceased.

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St. Olaf College   --  Northfield, MN --    www.stolaf.edu

Salem State  --  Salem, MA  --  http://www.salemstate.edu/music/ensmbles/

Salzwedel, James V. (Jim)  (TS)  Honorary Life  1990. .-- P. O. Box 10123 Winston Salem NC 27108 --     (919) 721-1237 -- James V. Salzwedel was the editor of OVERTONES from 1971-75 and then served as President from 1977-79.  He is best remembered as the author of the AGEHR motto, "Uniting People Through a Musical Art."   While serving on the Board throughout the 1970's, his visions were threefold:  a central or national AGEHR office, a firm financial base (365 club, annuities, wills and bequests, etc.) and advances in using handbells in special education.  The first has been realized; the others remain important goals on which we work.  Jim served as a minister in the Moravian Church in Winston Salem as well as an organist and choir director.  His Hussite Ringers made their first tour in 1965, and continued touring for many years. These seven young people rang five octaves, each being assigned a letter (five bells).   He introduced handbells into the Virgin Islands, and trained the first bell choir on St. Thomas while serving a church there.

Samford University  --   Birmingham, AL   --  http://www.samford.edu/

Sanders, Laurie

Sanders, Rusty Webmaster, Ringer,

SAN DIEGO HARMONY RINGERS  -  San Diego, CA  -  Director, Joe Rodriguez  -  Contact, Darin Marvin -- events@sdhr.org -- www.sdhr.org

SAN JOAQUIN RINGERS  -  Stockton, CA  -  Director, Jon Townsend  - jtownsend@deltacollege.edu

Schiele, Gottfried  -  Information Systems Administrator - TWR Private Bag 987, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa
Tel: +27-12-807-0053  Fax: +27-12-807-1266 -  gschiele@twr.org.za - http://www.twr.org   - I have been playing handbells as a member of a choir since 1995 starting in Cary,NC USA. Moving back to my home country - South Africa in 1998, I started playing as soloist with a set I received as a gift from Resusrection Lutheran Church, Cary, NC USA to let people hear what handbells sound like and get people join a choir. I now have a choir of 11 people.  Our focus is to Praise and glorify our Creator and let people hear and see handbells - most have never seen and heard.

*Schink, Ronald J. (Ron)   Honorary Life  1988.    Ron had the dubious honor of being appointed National Festivals Chairman by eight AGEHR Presidents, beginning with Richard Litterst in 1967 and continuing through the presidencies of Robert Ivey, Donald Allured, Nancy Poore Tufts, James Salzwedel, Mary McCleary, David Davidson, and Mary Kettelhut!  From 1967 through 1985 he traveled thousands of miles visiting campuses and convention centers, selecting sites for National Festivals, and negotiating contracts for rooms, meals, classrooms, and social activities at the Festival sites.    He also handled all the registrations for the Festivals!   His annual report to the board was usually "We made money!"  To many of us, he was the one who welcomed us at the Festival registration desk!   He also organized and was the tour guide for the Guild's 25th Anniversary Tour to England in 1979, and in 1984 he organized and led a tour for adult ringers on a Guild-sponsored ringing tour of Europe.  Ron organized his first bell choir in 1961 and became a member of AGEHR in 1961.  In 1962 he was Chairman of Area V and from 1963-1967 served as Festival Chairman for Area V.  When his term as Area V's Festival Chairman ended, he began his 18 years of continuous service as National Festivals Chairman!   For his service to AGEHR, and especially for his many years as National Festivals Chairman, Ron was made an Honorary Life Member in November of 1988.  In the May 1993 issue of OVERTONES, Mary Kettelhut wrote In Memoriam:   "AGEHR has lost a friend and worker.  Ron Schink passed away on February 25th.  At the funeral service held for Ron, a tribute was ready by Pastor Michael Rothgery, a former ringer.  He said in part, 'Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Ron's church of service for 32 years) is known from the White House to Hawaii and from England to Vienna because of Ron.  Ron took the young men of this congregation who may have never seen farther than the corn fields of Henry County, and showed them the World.'   He will be missed, but his good works will be remembered by all who knew and loved him.  He played a big part in 'uniting people in this musical art.'"

Schmidt, Ann Y  -- AnnYSchmidtCapitalCarillon@compuserve.com  --  Chair of Area III and the representative-elect to the national AGEHR board for Areas  III and V.   Ann is the founder/director of Capital Carillon, the only auditioned community handbell ensemble serving the national capital area.

Schmidt, Stan    --  agehrdollars@hotmail.com.  Finance Department Chairman (1999), Executive Committee and ringer in Capital Carillon.  Contributor to OVERTONES

Schumacher, Judy   -  2254 NE 13th Ave., Hillsboro OR 97124 -- (503) 648-4318-- jshoebox@aol.com -- Judy has been active in the "handbell world" since 1976. She has been a member of AGEHR, was Area X Treasurer and Chairman, and served as National Secretary from 1991-95. Director of three choirs at a Christian elementary school, director of handbell choirs at Concordia University, and handbell choir at her church. She teaches piano lessons to both children and adults. She also rings in the Bells of the Cascades a community choir in the greater Portland, OR area. Clinician

Schwartz Greg  --  Vice President of Engineering, Schulmerich Bells, Carillon Hill, Sellersville, Pa   18960,  215-257-2771 gregs@schulmerichbells.com   --   Involved for over 24 years in the design of all of Schulmerich's product line, including Handbells, MelodyChimes(R), Carillons, and Accessories.  Webmaster for the Schulmerich Bells web site.

SCOTTSDALE HANDBELL ENSEMBLE  -  Scottsdale, AZ  -  Director, Kay Cook  -  Contact, Darla Holmes  -  kaycook@earthlink.net   -  www.desertbells.org   -

SEATTLE BELL ENSEMBLE  -  Seattle, WA  -  Contact, Malia Johnson  -  Malia_and_Jeff@msn.com  -  www.seattlebell.com  -

SERENDIPITY RINGERS, THE -- Williamsville, NY -- Director, Mildred J. Fischle -- mjfsparrow@aol.com 

Sharik, Michele D.  (formerly Hirt)  --  Mountain View, CA    -- michele@thegoldendance.com -- Michele studied Composition and Flute Performance at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music.  Joined a bell choir in Indiana because she could read bass clef, was hooked and began directing her own choir at a local church.  Moving to Cleveland in 1993, she began dabbling in solo techniques, seriously pursuing solo work in 1998.  In January, 2002, she moved to the San Francisco Bay area to ring with Sonos.  Since then, she has toured extensively both with Sonos and as a soloist, appearing across the United States and Canada, as well as in the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. She is dedicated to presenting handbells as a concert instrument on apar with violin, flute or piano.

*Sharpe, Fredrick  --  Honorary Life,   Martha Lynn Thompson wrote in 1991 that it was difficult to find information about the Englishman, Frederick L. Sharpe, and most of what has been gathered is due to the kindness and fine memory of Richard Litterst and to all early OVERTONES articles written by the Alinda B. Couper.  Mr. Sharpe was probably the foremost English authority on tower bells and he wrote extensively about the history, etc. of countless bell towers.  He could be called the "curator" of Bell Towers as he was a specialist on the strains and stresses of these structures.  He would receive calls from all over the world, and if facts were stated accurately, he could diagnose what was wrong with the tower and send a prescription to fix it. At the 1963 National (AGEHR) Festival in Detroit, Frederick Sharpe was the honored guest.  He taught the ringers how to ring changes, and he listened to the massed concert of 800 ringers, the like of which he had never seen or heard.  For the final concert he had been given a small bell, and after the group had played the last chord, he rose from his seat and played his bell so that he might go home and say that he had run with the largest gathering of handbell ringers ever to play together in the world!  He also brought the Festival to a close by striking a number 19F# (F#4).  Richard Litterst is quoted as saying:  "Fred Sharpe was quite a bell man.  I should say that he brought status to AGEHR, rather than the other way around."  In the May 1976 issue of OVERTONES, Nancy Poore Tufts wrote In Memoriam of Frederick Sharpe:  "Bell ringers and architects of England and America were grieved to hear of the passing of Frederick Sharpe ("Mr. F#"), FSA, of Oxfordshire in February, 1976.  "A former President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers of Great Britain, a respected church architect specializing in the restoration of towers and ancient church fabric, a renowned campanologist in the true meaning of the term, an excellent Church Ringers and Handbell Tune Ringer, Mr. Sharpe was the author of a number of books on bells of the various Shires of England, personally having examined and identified and recorded many forgotten and unusual bells.
"Mr. F# endeared himself when he consented to attend the Detroit Convention of 1963 as guest campanologist and clinician.  ... Those who met him will never forget the large smiling Englishman perspiring in the Detroit humidity!  ..."We will never forget Mr. F#. " MPT

Sharp, Dr. Timothy (Tim)  --   Director of Choral Activities,  Department of Music, Rhodes College, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN  38112-1690.  Sharp@Rhodes.edu or  SharpSMNR@aol.com  --   Editor of Sacred Music News & Review, Elizabeth Daughdrill Chair in the Performing Arts at Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.

Sherman, Arnold   --  Red River Publishing    --  AGEHR Composer,  Area X Chm., Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Clinician

Shinn,  Carolyn  --   Dallas TX 75228-5937 AGEHR Composer

SHORELINE RINGERS, INC. - Ledyard, CT - Director, Jane Nolan - http://shorelineringers.org

Shorter College  --   Rome, GA  --  http://www.shorter.edu/

Shull, Joan -  2809 Oregon Lane Manhatton KS 66502-     (913) 539-2116 jshull@flinthills.com  --  1991-1999 Historian, Area Chm,  first Resource Chairman, conductor, Author Bach, Beethoven and .... in OVERTONES, Compiler OVERTONES 1955-1986.

Shull, Kevin  composer/clinician/arranger, Solo Ringer, Author

*Shurcliff, Margaret  Honorary Life, Charter Member, NEGHR & AGEHR, Inc., Pr.,1954-57

Silvey, Barbara -- bellsinWA@aol.com - 509-487-1934 home - cell 509-710-0928 -- Teacher of high risk and dropout students for 26 years, foster mom 15 years. Have been ringing 20 years, started with church choir, North Hill Christian Church; rang with Decolores, Spokane Community Handbell Choir - director Blanche Kangas, for 4 years; has been solo ringing since workshop with Christine Anderson 18 years ago. Rang with Campanile for 2 years playing musical percussion theatre, traveling with them on tours through the northwest, midwest, northeast United States and Taiwan.  Did this while Campanile was located in Los Angeles and she was located in Spokane, WA :-) Rang with Bells of the Cascades (Portland, OR) for two  years...drove 6 hours one way twice a month for rehearsals.  Wouldn't anyone for the chance to ring under Nancy Hascall? Favorite ringing event yearly, Bayview Week of Handbells with founder, Don Allured and now current director, Carl Wiltse. Ring in the deep bass pit, all 2's and 1's, down to C1. Currently ringing at several churches, as well as putting on  handbell workshops and ringing for weddings, special occasions and parties. Frequent Handbell-L contributor. Image from Bayview 2006 -- in the Pit.

Sinclair Community College   --   Dayton, OH   --  http://www.sinclair.edu/

6th DIMENSION HANDBELL ENSEMBLE  -  Winchester, VA  -  Contact, Rhonda Brooks  -  rjb@rma.edu  -  www.6thdimensionhandbells.com  -

Slippery Rock College  --  Slippery Rock, PA  --  http://www.sru.edu/

Smith College  --   Northampton, MS  --   www.smith.edu

Smith, Douglas Floyd  1 Fieldstone Circle  Elizabethtown, PA - 17022-1449 - 717.367.7722     dougsmth@paonline.com  -- Doug has been directing handbells since 1971 at State College Presbyterian Church in State College, PA. With 2 1/2 octaves of P & F's and no G#'s,  he soon became an arranger. He has been at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Elizabethtown, PA since 1977, currently serving as Director of Handbell Choirs & Youth Instrumental Ensemble.  There he directs both youth and adult ringers using a 6 octave plus set of handbells.  In 1991 he founded and contiues to direct the Mount Gretna Bible Festival Handbell Concert each August. He is also a music teacher in Elizabethtown Area School District Elizabethtown, PA.   Doug holds a BS in Music Education and Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance from Penn State and is currently working on a Master of Music Education degree from West Chester University. As a composer and arranger, his works have appeared on concerts, festivals and recordings. His "Hava Nageela"  arrangement won the 1991 Area II Composition Contest and has been widely performed and recorded, most notably by Ring of Fire at the 2001 Presidential Inaugural Ball.  Transcriptions include "Bacchanale" from the 2000 Distinctly Bronze Festival, "Procession of the Nobles" released on "The Colors of Bronze" CD by Embellish and "Prelude" performed on the "More" CD by the Raleigh Ringers.  Doug continues to compose, arrange and transcribe several handbell
commissions annually. AGEHR Composer,  Arranger, Conductor, Clinician

Smith, James C.  606 E. Melton Longview TX 75602-    (903) 753-9631 drjimtex@earthlink.net -- Jim has been directing handbells since 1978,  when he was given a 5 octave set of bells while serving as Director of Music at First Presbyterian in Houston, TX.  His first festival was the Area IX event in Tulsa, OK  in the summer of '78,  where he met and became friends with Don Allured, who was to have a tremendous influence on his understanding of and approach to bell technique.  His first published handbell arrangement was "Sacred Harp Tune", which was premiered at the Area IX festival in Arlington in 1988.  Jim has been active as a conductor and clinician and has served AGEHR as chair of Area IX, and as Music Chair (1991-92, 1995-97).  He holds a PhD from Florida State University and his occupations include public school music teacher, college professor and church musician.  He retired as Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church in Longview, Texas in 1995 and currently serves Alpine Presbyterian in Longview director of the Henderson Memorial Bells.
AGEHR Composer,  Arranger, Conductor, Clinician

SONOS  -  Bay Area, CA  -  Director, Jim Meredith  -  Contact, Jason Tiller  -  jason@sonos.org  -

SONORAN BELLS  -  Tucson., AZ  -  Director, Margi Zearley  -  -www.sonoranbells.org
- zgal2@hotmail.com

THE SOUTH COAST HANDBELL ENSEMBLE   -  Director/Founder,Susan Ullom Hungerford     http://www.southcoasthandbellensemble.com

Southern Baptist Seminary  --  Louisville, KY  --  http://www.sbts.edu/

Southern Methodist University  --  Dallas, TX   --  http://www.smu.edu/

Southern Nazarene University   --  Oklahoma City, OK  (I believe this is the same as the next, in Bethany, OK just outside Ok City?

Southern Nazarene University   --  Bethany, OK  --   http://www.snu.edu/home.asp

Southwestern Baptist Seminary  --  Fort Worth, TX   --  http://www.swbts.edu/

Southwick,   764 Fairmount Avenue St. Paul MN 55105-     (612) 298-9564. davidsouthwick@earthlink.net --  Resource Chairman AGEHR 1991-1995;  1993-97 National Treasurer,  Bass Bell specialist, clinician  -   president of Bells of The Lakes community handbell ensemble, Minneapolis/St Paul.

Spalding,  Marcia   --  3135 Radcliff,   Billings MT 59102  --   (406) 252-2606 swampie.s@mclone.com 1990-1994 Mmbership Chairman

Springer, Jeremy- Oklahoma   - springer9@cox.net  -   Jeremy starting ringing handbells at the age of 13 when a family friend talked him into going to a rehearsal with them; and from that moment on, he has been in love with absolutely everything handbells. He began ringing with the beginning/intermediate handbell choir at his church, the Grace Notes and  quickly moved on to ringing with a four-in-hand quartet, All-4-One. He is currently the publicist and website designer/maintainer for Central Oklahoma Ringers and Directors -- CORD  (www.cordbells.org), an advocate group for8 handbells in Oklahoma. Jeremy currently is ringing in three handbell choirs at his church, working with CORD to help further the education of handbells in Oklahoma, and loving every minute of both.

Starks, Howard  F. -- 1857 Westmoreland Ave.,   Florence, SC   29505-2968 --  843-669-5817  --  Maestrohfs@sc.rr.com --  Howard graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1954 with a degree in Music Education. That was followed by a Masters of Sacred Music in Theory and Composition from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He has been working in the field of handbells since 1963. Howard began composing for handbells because of the lack of handberll repertoire in the early years. In 1993, he retired from Calvary Baptist Church in Florence, SC to devote time to composing, writing and directing workshops/festivals and serving churches as Interim Minister of Music. Howard continues to compose for a number of publishers and directs festivals and workshops.

Stephenson, Valerie --  Area VI Past Chair, AGEHR, Inc.  -- 904-880-1806 Phone and Fax -- valeries1@comcast.net.  From Jacksonville, FL, Ms. Stephenson is an experienced vocal and instrumental teacher of all ages.  She is an active handbell composer, arranger, author, conductor, and clinician. Ms Stephenson served on the Area VI Board of the AGEHR in a variety of positions for 14 years, including representing that area on the national board.  She is currently serving as Florida State Chair for Area IV of the AGEHR.  Valerie also conducts and rings in the Southside Handbell Ensemble (a quartet). Ms. Stephenson graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.  She subsequently attended the University of Wisconsin and obtained a Master’s degree in Composition and Theory and was awarded a Ford Foundation Grant for that study.  She is a “Nationally Registered Music Educator” and “Nationally Certified Music Educator” by the Music Educators National Conference. During her tenure as music director at Trinity Episcopal School (1979-1992), she was granted one of the first “Exemplary Handbell Program” awards ever given by the AGEHR.  Her school parent group further awarded her their “Enrichment Grant” for summer study of change and tower ringing and boys’ choirs in England. While also at Trinity, Ms. Stephenson co-wrote three musicals for children (4th grade through adults) called “Awareness Musicals”.  These musicals entertained the environmental themes of pollution (La Cypriere), recycling (Galactic Garbage), and destruction of the rain forest (Holding Up the Sky).  Two of these plays were subsequently performed at the Petit Theatre de Viex Carre in New Orleans, LA and the Summer Arts Program in Jacksonville, FL. In 1992, Ms. Stephenson retired from public and private school teaching to actively pursue composing and conducting in the field of handbells which she still actively pursues today.  In 2002, she moved back to her hometown of Jacksonville, FL to care for some family members.  She enjoys occasional visits to see her four grandchildren in AZ and SC.  

STOW HERITAGE RINGERS  -  Stow, OH  -  Director, Sherri Stoffer  - stowheritageringers@gmail.com

STRIKEPOINT  -  Duluth, MN  -  Director, Bill Alexander  -  http://www.strikepoint.com  -  strikept@cpinternet.com

STRIKEPOINT OF TEXAS  -  Kingwood, TX  -  Contact, Patti Surratt  -  PLGSurratt@aol.com  -  http://www.strikepointoftexas.com   -

Strybos, John Peter -- 15 Cedar Street, Bronxville, NY 10708 -- (914) 337-9205 --  JPStrybos@aol.com  -- BM: Baylor University MEd (Summa Cum Laude): University of Central Oklahoma - Dalcroze/Orff/Kodaly Certificate: Manhattan School of Music.  Organist/Director of Music, The Church of St. Joseph, Bronxville, NY. Handbell Clinician: 1976 Texas Conference Choir and Organ Clinic (Palestine, TX). Intermediate & Advanced Handbell Instructor: Foundation's '83 (National Music Conference sponsored by the Fellowship of United Methodist Musicians in Dallas, TX)

Sue, Larry  --  c/o Choraegus ShareMusic, P.O. Box 4444, Mountain View, CA 94040  --  larry@choraegus.com, 650-968-3903  --  Involved in church music since 1973, handbells since 1987. Bass ringing specialist, bass bell soloist, handbell clinician (often bass bells, but also practically any other topic), festival conductor, published handbell composer/arranger, including commissioned works, and a founding member of Low Ding Zone. Also owner, composer/arranger, editor, and webmaster of Choraegus ShareMusic (http://www.choraegus.com)

SUMMIT BELLS  -  Akron, OH  -  Director, Charles Kobb  -  Jeanne Seifert  -  GJISEIFERT@aol.com  -

Susquehanna University  --   Selinsgrove, PA  --  http://www.susqu.edu/

SWISS HANDBELL ENSEMBLE  -  Oberdorf SO, Switzerland  -  Director, Eric Nuenlist  - swissbells@gmx.ch  -  www.swissbells.org  -  +41 32 621 21"

SWISS HANDBELL RINGERS OF MIDWAY  -  Midway, UT  -  Director, Britt Wilde

SYMPHONIC HANDBELLS OF COLUMBUS  -- Columbus, OH  --  Director, William H. Griffin  - Contact, Lynn Pease  -- LynJasBrad@aol.com  -  614-873-8046  

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