Who's Who in Handbells
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(TS) TEMPO SETTERS is the title given to a series of videos made to preserve AGEHR and
handbell history in the U.S.  These videos feature interviews and narratives of past presidents,
Honorary Life members, and others who have had an impact on handbells.

"*" indicates peson is deceased.

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East Texas Baptist University   --  TX   --  http://www.etbu.edu/

EAST TEXAS HANDBELL ENSEMBLE -- Tyler, Texas -- Director, Arnold Sherman -- easttexashandbellensemble.com -- ETHandbells@aol.com

Ebling-Thorne, Kathy   --  malmarkbel@voicenet.com  --   Malmark Bells,  Director Westminster Concert Bell Choir, from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ.   The choir plays on 7 1/2 octaves of Malmark bells and 6 octaves of Malmark Choirchimes. .

Eckerd College --  St. Petersburg, FL   --  http://www.eckerd.edu/

ECUMENICAL BELLS  -  Austin, MN  -  Director, Ann Flisrand  -  annflis@charter.net

EKCO Ringers - Middleburg Heights, Ohio. -- Edward Krzes, edkrzes@roadrunner.com and Cheryl Onesky -- cheryl.onesky@att.net -- http://www.ekcoringers.com/ -- Handbell duet. Formed in 2003.

EMBELLISH  -  Grand Rapids, MI  -  Director, Stephanie Wiltse   -  wiltse@iserv.net  -

EMERALD CITY RINGERS -- Seattle, WA -- Director, Brian Tervo -- www.emeraldcityringers.org

ENGLISH HANDBELL ENSEMBLES  -  LaMesa, CA  -  Director, Marcia Weiland  -

*Erb, Bessie Honorary Life 1965,   In her book, "The First Quarter Century: 54-79," Elizabeth Bradford writes the following:  "Bessie (Mrs. Norman) Erb used her inexhaustible energy and organizing ability to spread the gospel of bellringing.  Together with Mrs. Shurcliff, Bessie Erb gathered the bands in the Boston region into an organized unit - the New England Guild of English Handbell Ringers - which met annually for exchanging ideas and ringing their best, but also for sociability's sake.  When it became evident that many people outside New England were interested in learning to ring and to start bands in their hometowns, Mrs. Shurcliff and Mrs. Erb conceived of a nation-wide organization.  Together they stirred up interest and ideas until the American Guild came into being.  Bessie Erb took over the editorship of OVERTONES, then the Presidency of the  Guild, succeeding Mrs. Shurcliff in 1957. In 1960, Mrs. Erb expressed her feelings about what the Guild could do for its members.  'Have you ever considered what it means to belong to a unique organization that in less than six years had grown into full bloom?  Springing from an old English custom, it has become a modern organization filled with the spirit of research, experimentation and service characteristic of the scientific age in which we live ... since the handbell is comparatively new in America, it presents an opportunity to grow in a new area.  Members of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers are challenged to experiment in making satisfactory handbells; to discover new uses for the handbell as a musical instrument; to learn to play a new instrument; and  to create music for handbells.  We are given innumerable opportunities to serve; as directors of young people and adults; as contributors to the service of worship .. and as bringers of joy to thousands of people for whom we ring.' (OVERTONES, Vol. 6, #2.  Ever filled with ideas, love of people, and the ability to get things moving, Bessie Erb started with a group of ringers at her retirement home, knitting the ringers together with the magical bonds created by bellringing as a team.  Never did she herself lose interest in bells, ringing, bellringers, or the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers."  Elizabeth Bradford.

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