One of the best kept secrets in the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, Inc. is the series of video interviews with leaders of the organization over the past 45 years.  Joan Shull, Historian for the Guild, has produced these tapes, and the Guild has provided each Area a copy for distribution among members. An archival copy is in the Dayton office.

The series is aptly entitled “TEMPO SETTERS” because these people had a strong influence and performed service beyond the call of duty to bring AGEHR to the place it now enjoys -- a premiere internationally-recognized handbell organization.  A number of these individuals are also Honorary Members of AGEHR, Inc. More information at http://www.agehr.org/files/about/index.html.

If you are interested in history, need anecdotes for your concerts, or just want to learn more about the Guild, contact your Area Chairman.

The tapes produced thus far are listed below.  We do not know whether additional leaders will be interviewed in the future.

Donald Allured Richard Litterst
Elizabeth Bradford Jacob Malta
David R. Davidson Willard Markey
Lawrence (Larry) Fink Mary McCleary
Andrew Flanagan Ellen Jane Lorenz-Porter
Dan Hermany Scott Parry
Everett Hilty Marvin Reecher
Robert Ivey James Salzwedel
Jacques M. Kearns Nancy Poore Tufts
Mary V. Kettelhut Doris Watson

Additional information is available at http://www.agehr.org/files/about/areas.html

Thank you, Joan, for a wonderful array of data, and for preserving the work and memory of these leaders.

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