Who's Who in Handbells
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Honorary Life Members
The American Guild of English Handbell Ringers. Inc. is an international organization of handbell ringers, directors, manufacturers, music publishers, suppliers, and others who are involved in the world of handbells. The motto is "Uniting People in the Art of Handbells. (For information about handbells, go to FAQHandbells.)

Honorary Life Membership to the  is the highest honor awarded by the Guild for meritorious service to the organization and extraordinary contributions to the world of handbells.

For information about these Honorary Life Members, http://www.agehr.org/

Video tape interviews of many of these HL Members (Tempo Setters) are available through the AGEHR Area Chairs or Historians.  Contact your Area for information. For a list of available interviews, click here.

By Last Name 
Donald E. Allured (1982)
Elizabeth Bradford (1978)
David Davidson (1996)
Andrew L. Flanagan (I 990)
Ginny Fleming (2003)
Everett Jay Hilty (1992)
Marilyn Hines (2003)
Robert A. Ivey (1986)
Jacques Kearns (1998)
Michael R. Keller (2001)
Mary Kettelhut (1988)
Richard Litterst (1974)
Mary G. McCleary (1984)
Jacob Malta (1994)
Willard Markey (1980)
James V. Salzwedel (1990)
Martha Lynn Thompson (2001)
Doris Watson (1996)



By Year of Award

 1963 Frederick Sharpe
 1965 Bessie Erb 
          Helen Runkle
 1967 Robert Hieber 
..........Dr. Marvin Reecher
 1974 Richard Litterst
 1978 Elizabeth Bradford 
 .........Ellen Jane Lorenz
 1980 Willard Markey
 1982 Donald E Aflured
 1984 Mary McCleary 
..........W.D. McKeehan
 1986 Robert A. Ivey 
..........Betty Garee
 1988 Mary Kettlchut 
..........Ronald Schink
 1990 Andrew L. Flanagan 
..........James V. Salzwedel
 1992 Everett Jay Hilty
 1994 Jacob Malta 
..........Larry Fink
 1996 David Davidson 
..........Doris Watson
 1998 Jacques Kearns 
..........Margaret Schurcliff
 2001 Michael R. Keller 
..........Martha Lynn Thompson
 2003 Ginny Fleming 
..........Marilyn Hines

Deceased Honorary Life Members

Margaret Schurcliff (Posthumous Award, 1998 ) -- d. 1959
 Bessie Erb(1965) -- d. 1969?
 Helen Runkle (1965) -- d. May 23, 1974
Frederick Sharpe (1963) -- Launton, England d. Feb 1976
 Betty Garee (1986) -- d. May 27, 1986
 Woodrow D. "Mac" McKeehan (1984) -- d. November 28, 1988
Robert Hieber (1967) -- d. May 31,1992
Ronald Schink (1988) -- d. February 25, 1993
 Ellen Jane Lorenz (1978) -- d. January 1997
Lawrence Fink (1994) -- d. July 25, 1998
 Dr. Marvin Reecher(1967) -- d. 1999
Willard Markey (1980) -- d.
Jacques Kearns (1998) -- d.
David R Davidon (1996) -- d 2009 


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