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Handbell Repertoire

The Advanced Handbell Choir-Selection of Repertoire
-by Betty Garee  --

Listed below are selections that Betty Garee said "have contributed significantly to the development of the handbell program at the New Hackensack Reformed Church.  The Varying moods, styles, and musical content ..have suitably challenged the energies and talents of ringers, kept rehearsals interesting and lively, and have provided good programming for concerts."

Though more than 20 years old, a long time in the handbell world, most of these selections are still viable choices for today's handbell groups.  Some of the pieces may still be available from retailers or contact the publisher for further information.


Rapid 6/8th Quick Adjustments (Keys, Styles, Tempo)
Rapid 8th and 16th, Arpeggios Syncopation
Rolling or Fast Triplets, 9/8/12/8 Legato and Phrasing
Mixed Meter  Slow Tempo
Rapid Pizzacato Laissez Vibrer  (LV)

I   Rapid 6/8          Rondo in G,   Allegro  (from                    Bull-Thompson             Crescendo
                              Introduction  and Allegro)                        Allured                         Crescendo

II   Rapid 16th      Fantasia                                                 Allured                          Choristers Guild

                               Listen to the Bells                                  Allured                          Broadman
                                   Variations on a French Carol

                              Magnificat  "Masterworks for Bells"        Allured                          Flammer

                              Wedding Day at Troldhaugen                 Grieg-Garee                  Flammer

                              Passacaglia                                            Handel-Griffin                Beckenhorst

                              Comedian's Gallop                                Kabalevsky-Thompson  Crescendo

                              Now Thank We All Our God                Karg-Elert                     G. Schirmer

                             Sleigh Ride                                            Anderson-Ivey               Belwin Mills

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III Triplets,           Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring                    Bach-Ivey                     Flammer
 9/8 or 12/8

                            Prologue, Fugue, and Finale                   Allured                           Flammer

                            Fantasy On An Old Bell Inscription        Garee                            Flammer

IV Mixed Meter   Litany of Joy     (5/4-4/4)                 Young                           Flammer

                            Impromptu     (4/4/-5/4-7/4)                   McCleary                     Flammer

2Against 3            Fantasy On An Old Bell Inscription        Garee                           Flammer

                           Fountainhead   "Listen to the Bells"          Allured                         Broadman

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V Pizzicato         Theme and Variants                               Zabel                            Flammer

                           Plink, Plank, Plunk                                  Ivey                             Belwin

                           Il Est Ne                                                 Garee                          Flammer

                          Minuetto from                                          Bizet-Garee                 Flammer
                                  "L'Arlesienne Suite"

                          Fum,Fum,Fum   "Ring Noel" Vol. I          Arr.Ivey                       Flammer

Off-beat pizz.     Concertante                                            Allured                         Flammer

VI Quick           Theme and Variants                                Zabel                           Flammer
                          Jingle Bells    Ring Noel"-Vol. I               Ivey                             Flammer

                          Prisms                                                    Payn                            Flammer

Quick               Farandole from  L'Arlesienne                   Bizet-Garee                 Flammer

VII Syncopation   Rags for Ringing                                 Zabel                           Flammer

                        Sleigh Ride                                             Anderson-Ivey             Belwin

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VIII  Legato    Concertante (p. 3)                                  Allured                         Flammer
and phrasing
                        Siciliano                                                 Bach                             Unpublished

                        Wedding Day at  Troldhaugen                Grieg-Garee                 Flammer

                        Fantasy On An Old  Bell Inscription       Garee                            Flammer

                       Carillon from "L'Arlesienne"                     Bizet-Gaver                 Flammer

 The Slur         Il Est Ne                                                 Arr. Garee                    Flammer

                      Dance of the Swans                                 Arr. Allured                  Flammer

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IX Slow        Introduction "Introduction and allegro"      Allured                     Crescendo
                     To A Water Lily                                       MacDowell-Litterst      Crescendo

                     Theme and Variants - Variation III            Zabel                           Flammer

X Laissez      Reflections                                              Garee                        Flammer
Vibrer (LV)

Permission has been granted to copy this listing from the AGEHR, Inc. magazine, OVERTONES, Volume 25, Number 5,  September-October 1979.


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