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by Ann Fyhr Gamble

The copyrighted matrial that follows was re-printed from OVERTONES, May-June, 1994, by permission of AGEHR.  Before further reprint, please contact AGEHR, Inc. for permission to use.

Some of these selections or compilations are still available for sale.  If not, single copies may be available from some of the "old timers" and you may get permission to duplicate by contacting the publishers.


Donald Al­lured's  Mastering Musicianship in Handbells,
Beverly Simpson's Ringing Basics
D.Linda McKechnie's Ringing For The First Time,
Thomp-son and Callahan's Ready to Ring!,
Susan Berry and David Weck's video Bell Basics,

The following texts would be useful in working with beginning choirs in schools (listed alphabetically):

MAKING MUSIC WITH CHOIR­CHIME INSTRUMENTS, Rosene (for 2 oct.) Agape 1 159 01984.  It is as­sumed by the author that the players who use this book already have a basic knowledge of music notation.

RINGING BASICS, Simpson (for 2 or 3 oct) Harold Flammer, Inc.  HL-5231 or HL-5270 (D 1989.  A step-by-step approach to the art of handbell or chime ringing for the non-reader or experienced musician.

RINGING FOR THE FIRST TIME, McKechnie (for 3 oct) Harold Flammer, Inc., HL-5233 - Dir.'s Supp.  NC-5039 ­Cassette Recordings (D 1987.  Handbell instruction for the novice (suitable for student and adult beginners.)

LEARNING TO RING SERIES by Van Valey and Berry

LET THE CHILDREN RING!  by Gerald Armstrong, Broadman Press younger children (grades 4-6) setting.


ALL-TIME FAVORITES from "Leaming to Ring Series",
Van Valey & Berry, Lorenz Pub.  Co. HB-266 (2 oct.)
HB-265 (3 oct.) 0 1989

BEGIN TO RING for 3 Oct.  Handbells/chime instruments, compiled and arranged by Thompson & Callahan, Agape 1243 0 1986

THE BEST OF THE BEATLES arr. for 3/4 oct. handbells by Wagner, Hal Leonard Pub.  Corp. HL-00850089 (Dl987 CLAPPER CLASSICS for 3 Oct.  Handbell/Chime Instru­ments, compiled and arranged by Thompson & Callahan, Agape 1254 0 1987

MORE CLAPPER CLASSICS for 3 Oct.  Handbell/Chime
Instruments, compiled and arranged by Thompson & Callahan,
Agape 1276 0 1988

MOUSTERPIECES - Disney Classics for Beginning Choir, 3
Oct. compiled and arranged by Thompson, Hal Leonard Pub.
Corp. HL-00850093 @1985

READY TO RING!  III Familiar Music for the Beginning
Handbell Choir, compiled and arranged by Thompson &
Callahan, Agape 1198 (Dl985

THE WATER IS WIDE - And Other American Folktunes, for 3 Oct.  Handbells, arr.  Wagner, Harold Flwmer, Inc.  M, 5135 01983

Ann Fyre Gamble, a member of the AGEHR Education Committee, has directed a handbell program at Fay School (private) in South­borough, Mass. for the last 10 years.

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